Thursday, May 19, 2011

Who Watches IPL And For What

Where there is power, there is politics. Where there is money, there is glamour. Where you have all this, you also find Bollywood. While the IPL is getting wealthier with each passing year, the fever is on again. I wonder who watches IPL and for what. Each has an interest of their own. Most watch it for the game. Some wait for the hot cheer leaders. Stars must watch to see if their rivals have been invited to view the game from the VIP seats. Celebrity lovers watching if their ex-flames are with other rich men.

Wow!! See how much the IPL has to offer: I must admit that while the game is on I am also curious to see who is sitting with whom. I admire Shilpa’s well groomed hair and look. I notice that Preity wears no lipstick. Its quite interesting to see the way she reacts at her teams performance – with utter joy or total frustration. While Shilpa always seated in the VIP box preening for the cameras whenever they zoom in on her, no matter her team is having a good or bad game.

I wonder why is Siddharth Mallaya spending so much time with Deepika Padukone watching the game? Its something beyond just the game. Everyone has their own worries.

Well, in all this did I miss a super dooper six and a great catch? Who cares yaar? I have so much more to pay attention to.