Sunday, March 25, 2012

Artificial Flower Making

My Mojo for crafts is been increasing off late. And started exploring my creativity skills which was sleeping for a while now.

I discovered life and realized that crafting is one of many things I always want to do. And so I went on making artificial Organdy Flowers. Learnt this during my school days, but never had tried ever after. So decieded to take a shot on it and it came out well.

Please let me know your feedback about my artwork.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Who Watches IPL And For What

Where there is power, there is politics. Where there is money, there is glamour. Where you have all this, you also find Bollywood. While the IPL is getting wealthier with each passing year, the fever is on again. I wonder who watches IPL and for what. Each has an interest of their own. Most watch it for the game. Some wait for the hot cheer leaders. Stars must watch to see if their rivals have been invited to view the game from the VIP seats. Celebrity lovers watching if their ex-flames are with other rich men.

Wow!! See how much the IPL has to offer: I must admit that while the game is on I am also curious to see who is sitting with whom. I admire Shilpa’s well groomed hair and look. I notice that Preity wears no lipstick. Its quite interesting to see the way she reacts at her teams performance – with utter joy or total frustration. While Shilpa always seated in the VIP box preening for the cameras whenever they zoom in on her, no matter her team is having a good or bad game.

I wonder why is Siddharth Mallaya spending so much time with Deepika Padukone watching the game? Its something beyond just the game. Everyone has their own worries.

Well, in all this did I miss a super dooper six and a great catch? Who cares yaar? I have so much more to pay attention to.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Second day at blogger!!

Guys i'm here again for my second post. I never knew that i would be a 'Thought Factory' and write until i started my blog page. Once i started blogging, i could feel the change in my attitude and also started moving more confidently. I’m sure most bloggers would agree with me that blogging is addictive. I started loving this place as i can get to know new people, meet new friends, gain knowledge and much more..

For me, it's like a window to the outside world. Blogging is a perfect interactive platform to let our friends know what is happening in our life, without flooding their inbox with mails or calling each and everyone on their cell phones. Now its all made so easy, once they have the link to the blog, they choose whether to read or not to, unlike in mails or phones they are "Forced" to.

Then see you all again very soon.. No its not a goodbye! Of course a small gap.. And i promise good posts coming in..

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

All That Starts Well, Ends Well!

Well, After some tentative attempts at blogging.. I am here! Finally a part of the blogosphere.. And today is quite a special day, my first post in this mystic world of blogging. Though I have been reading blogs for quite some time, it was only late in my life i found my passion for writing.. And thats how this blog was born. All credits to the person who changed my life upside down.

It’s all in the game. Everything happens for our own good. This is how i always think. So i believe that this start is going to be good for me.. I always wanted my very own blog where I can speak my mind out and understand myself better. Now am going to pen down my thoughts and lots more here. Read if you are interested!!

But guys.. No, this post is not an emotional nonsense, but a new start to my view of life..