Sunday, July 12, 2009

Second day at blogger!!

Guys i'm here again for my second post. I never knew that i would be a 'Thought Factory' and write until i started my blog page. Once i started blogging, i could feel the change in my attitude and also started moving more confidently. I’m sure most bloggers would agree with me that blogging is addictive. I started loving this place as i can get to know new people, meet new friends, gain knowledge and much more..

For me, it's like a window to the outside world. Blogging is a perfect interactive platform to let our friends know what is happening in our life, without flooding their inbox with mails or calling each and everyone on their cell phones. Now its all made so easy, once they have the link to the blog, they choose whether to read or not to, unlike in mails or phones they are "Forced" to.

Then see you all again very soon.. No its not a goodbye! Of course a small gap.. And i promise good posts coming in..

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